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SharePoint Print List (SPPrintList) lets you print the selected view of any SharePoint list, Document library or Calendar with support for views as well as filtering and sorting. Works for both regular list/doclib views and/or by using a List View Web Part.

Ever wanted to print the current view of a list or document library?
With SharePoint Print List (SPPrintList) you now can easily print the selected view of any list or document library. The solution also supports sorting and/or filtering on any column.
Try it out, and feel free to give me some feedback on issues, improvements etc... :-)

To be able to print the current selected view from both a normal list view as well as from a List View Web Part, I had to develop a Custom Action button (Assembly) which determines the correct view for the list/library. This also ensures that the correct sorting and/or filtering, pagination etc. is applied to the printable view.

Thx to Vincent Rothwell for pointing out how the retrieve the current list id/name in a List View Web Part when developing Custom Actions for lists. See his blog-post at for more info.
  • Note! Sadly it's not possible to apply sorting and filtering after the printerfriendly view is loaded, but all pre-applied filters and sorting is reflected upon printing :-)

  • Print a list or document library by clicking the "Print List" link in the "Actions"-menu
  • Prints the current selected view
  • Support for Sorting and/or Filtering
  • Support for Calendar View !New
  • Support for Pagination !New

  • WSS 3.0 / SharePoint 2007 Support Only
  • Does not support the following view:
    • Gantt Diagram (Renders as regular list)


Print List

Print List

Print List

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